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Eldon TaylorI'm Eldon Taylor and I sincerely hope you enjoy and benefit from my new book, "Choices and Illusions."

The Vision: America

Article: The Vision

December 7th will forever stand in (not infamy) but the light of a vision. What is that vision?

Social scientists call that special feeling of pride and patriotism that one has toward their country ethnocentrism. I will admit right from the start that I have that feeling but I sincerely believe the reason is quite different than that assigned to ethnocentric bias.

Neuromarketing: Why this should make you nervous

The world of mind control is much more subtle and many times more manifold than even the informed would suspect. Those who would plumb the depths of how and why humans do what they do, think what they think and want what they want have a solid foothold in knowing exactly how to own our thinking. Indeed, a fair question nowadays goes like this, “Whose thoughts are you thinking?”

Subliminal Advertising?

McDonald’s Subliminal Advertising on Iron Chef? You decide...

The [Scary] Power of Subliminal Advertising

Derren Brown - the English psychological illusionist and skeptic of paranormal phenoman - influences two advertising agency professionals. And yes you have to watch it. I did. Pretty scary stuff, actually.


Read this Book! We are living at a time where people are searching for answers to fundamental questions in their lives and this book can be, if applied, a roadmap to personal enlightenment and empowerment. I believe it can 'tune in' the frequency your currently operating on... or more importantly, help you to see that you can manifest a change. John Edward, Crossing Over and After Life

Choices and Illusions

Choices and Illusions Book CoverThank you for looking in. I hope you find the following information about my new book enough of a tease to get the book for yourself. I appreciate your feedback, so please leave your comments.

Let me know what you think of the cover as well. I love it. Truly "out of the box thinking." The cover design is by Amy Rose Grigoriou of Hay House. Thanks Amy!

To your best, Eldon

Choices and Illusions continued

This blog is primarily about the new book to be released in early 2007 titled, Choices and Illusions: or How Did I Get Here and How Do I Get Where I Want to Be? By Eldon Taylor

We have received many early reviews from readers of Choices and Illusions and decided to post them as they came in with other comments and announcements since there is so much interest and pre-ordering of the book already. We hope you have enjoyed the early reviews appearing above. Thank you.

Choices & IllusionsChoices and Illusions: Or how did I get here and how do I get where I want to be?
This new book shows clearly how a person loses themselves and provides a clear path for how one can regain their true self and maximize their potential thereby realizing success, health and harmony in all things. In bookstores now! Check for availability now by going to

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